Art proceeds to benefit Carr Fire victims!

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

11/12/18 UPDATE: PROCEEDS WILL NOW FOCUS ON ALL NATURAL DISASTERS IN THE US. Just like before, if there is a specific cause you want to support, let us know!

Art with a cause

Around the time we launched the art site, we asked, “How can we help with the fires?” We realized we can share our love for art with you as well as take advantage of our position and privilege to be able to donate our printed art proceeds to help make some Californians’ lives a little easier. Here are the details:

Where will the funds go?

We will be donating our funds directly to victims via the Salvation Army! We spent hours researching the best group to work with to ensure our funds get where they need to go. Ultimately, we wanted a trusted group who will distribute the funds appropriately.

What about the other fires?California definitely has its share of fires! We are focusing on the Carr fire because of the amount of damage to residential and commercial homes. If there is a fire in particular you want your purchase to benefit, simply email us, and we'd be happy to research your request!

Why not volunteer your time? How is money helpful?

Multiple groups has stated a preference for financial contributions over items. Money can help fund families who need specific items like a carseat, new furniture for a home, etc.

So how can I help??

Surround your life with our printed art whether it be on a mug, pillow, phone case, or poster. Simply open the gallery and select your favorite artwork to print. If you want our art on another product, like a cool sticker to put on your loved one's forehead, let us know! Our fundraiser will last till the end of the year (Dec 31, 2018).

"Landscape Study 2" ~ a personal favorite now available in prints!

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